Beat the winter weather and come to

Lake Breeze RV Park
on Lake Okeechobee, Florida!!!
Come to fish or just relax and enjoy the weather.

For more information or to make reservations,

Call (863)946-3111 or (859)462-8733

Or email us with your questions @

Our park is nestled in south central Florida along the dike

of Lake Okeechobee.  This adult, 55 and older, park is located in

Lakeport, Florida,

south-west of Okeechobee on the corner of State Route 78 and 721 in a country setting.
Harney Pond Canal is just across the road and goes right into Lake Okeechobee, which is well known for the best Bass, Bluegill and Crappie fishing that Florida has to offer.

This small town offers convenient stores, restaurants, the Brighton Seminole Indian Reservation, rodeos, and all the fishing you can stand as well as a quiet and laid back atmosphere.

All the conveniences of Okeechobee are just 30 minutes away.  And drive time to the beautiful Gulf or Atlantic coast for the day is less than 2 hours.


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(Note: Rate increase effective January 1, 2018.  Rates are subject to change.)

Daily                      $30.00

Weekly                $180.00

Monthly               $400.00

2 Months*            $750.00 payment due upon arrival

3 Months*            $1100.00 payment due upon arrival

4 months*           $1450.00 payment due upon arrival

5 months*           $1800.00 payment due upon arrival

6 Months*          $2150.00 payment due upon arrival

* These rates are specially discounted for those who pay the FULL amount in advance or upon arrival.  

If the full amount is not paid upon arrival, the cost is $400 per month as stated above.*

Permanents: monthly         $220.00

Permanents: annually*         $2500.00

Tent Sites                                   $25.00

Off Season Boat Storage       $35.00-$75.00 per month

All site rates include water, sewer, garbage, lawn care and use of fish cleaning house.

Electric is not included in the monthly/seasonal rates and will be billed separately.
The tent, daily and weekly rates include electric.

All rates are for 1 or 2 person occupancy.
Extra persons must pay $5.00 per day or $60 per month.

Guests may only stay up to two weeks.

Check back periodically as we occasionally have units for sale.

Ocassionally we have permanent Park Models for sale.  Check back soon.

Hope to see you soon!


16 thoughts on “Snowbirds welcome…..

    1. We are hours 2-3 hours from Universal Studios in Orlando. This Lake Breeze RV Park is located in Okeechobee and is unrelated to the Lake Breeze RV Park in Orlando. Sorry for the inconvenience and confusion as we are trying to work this problem out with Google.


    1. Lake Breeze RV Park
      RATES as of January 1, 2018
      (rates are subject to change)

      1 month $400 + electric
      2 months $750 + electric
      3 months $1100 + electric
      4 months $1450 + electric
      5 months $1800 + electric
      6 months $2150 + electric
      Full-Time – monthly $220 + electric
      Full-Time – Yearly $2500 + electric

      Weekly rate $180 (includes electric)
      Daily $30 (includes electric)
      Tent $25 (includes electric)

      *The above rates are payable in full, upon check-in/when due. Otherwise the monthly rate of $400 will be charged monthly.
      **Rates include water.


  1. What is on your property besides camping spots?
    Is the camping spots crowded right next to each other?
    Do you have sewage hookup?
    Do you have spots available for January and February for 22’ trailer?


    1. In addition to camping spots, Lake Breeze RV has a shower house, fish cleaning building and several storage buildings. We also offer full hookups which include water, sewer and electric. Electric is metered and billed to the tenant monthly. Our lot rentals for 2021/22 are full and usually fill up by October 1. Please try again next “snowbird” season…perhaps make a reservation in August or September. Thank you for your inquiry.


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